Weil's Clothing's Guide to Looking Great

Living in the era of yoga pants, looking stylish can feel like too much effort, but don’t underestimate the power of style.

A common mistake that many people make is confusing “stylish” with “fashionable” or “fancy”. This is wrong! Being stylish has just as much to do with how you carry yourself as it does with the clothes you wear.

Read on for some simple tips you can implement to instantly look more stylish and confident!

1. Make Sure The Clothes Fit

Wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body type immediately elevates your style.

Experiment with different shapes and fits to see which looks best on your body shape. For women, make sure clothes fit correctly around the bust, waist, hips and ankles to prevent any strange silhouettes. For men, make sure the shoulders of your shirts hit your actual shoulders and wear more fitted trousers.

2. Stick With Classics

Many people automatically equate “stylish” with “fashionable”, but trends come and go at the blink of an eye.

Ignore gimmicky trends and focus on classic, timeless silhouettes and closet staples that will last many seasons instead of going out of style within the year. Start with the little black dress, some simple flats, and a classic blazer. For men, go for suits, blazers, crisp button-downs, and a pair of brown shoes.

3. Fabric Is Everything

We’ve all experienced the pull of “fast-fashion” stores such as H&M, Forever 21 and Target. The racks covered in 2-for-1 deals scream for our attention and money. However, there is a reason why those clothes are bargain-priced; corporations often cut corners on fabric quality when making clothes.

For optimal style, invest in some more expensive but higher quality items. Look for cotton, linen, and crepes for summer wear and wools and cashmeres for the winter. Also invest in some quality jeans that won’t lose their color or sag over time. Just these simple swaps will go a long way in helping you appear more elegant and stylish.

4. Have Good Grooming

My grandmother always says “cleanliness is the foundation of beauty”- and it’s true! No matter how bomb your outfit is, if your hair is greasy or your nails are jagged, you won’t be giving off the confident, stylish vibes you want.

Some women like to get regular facials or to get their nails done. Some men like to splurge on a great haircut. Maybe you go for some amazing hair extensions. By paying attention to your hygiene, you are telling the rest of the world that you are putting in effort to be the best you can be.

5. Learn To Accessorize

Imagine you could only wear a black top and jeans for an entire week. How many different types of accessories could you think of to spice up that outfit? We’re talking jackets, shoes, jewelry, bags, scarves, and hats. When the rest of your closet is simple, accessories provide a welcome pop of personality without being overwhelming. Learning how to use accessories to add interest to an outfit will make you seem more put-together and stylish. Men, don’t be intimidated by accessories! A cool wristwatch or hat is a good place to start.

6. Overdress

Dressing for social events is just as much about your host as it is about you. Showing up underdressed could come off as rude or apathetic--after all, the people around you made an effort to look presentable, so shouldn’t you return the favor?

Being slightly overdressed shows people around you that you take yourself and the event seriously. The confidence you exude from being well-dressed makes you more stylish.

7. Plan Your Outfits

One hard part of looking stylish is deciding what to wear in the morning. Maybe you’re still sleepy and feeling lazy, or maybe you struggle to find inspiration when in a rush. Either way, a simple solution is just to plan your outfit the night before.

Look at the weather and your schedule for the next day and pick out something that suits it. Choose a few accessories, lay out your shoes and voila! The next morning you can get dressed quickly and still look stylish.

8. Get Inspiration

Ultimately, being stylish is a personal journey. Follow some fashionable Instagram accounts or do some research online to find styles and outfit ideas that you love and feel confident in. Learning your own preferences is a part of finding self-confidence and will leave you looking like the most stylish person in the room not matter where you go!

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.