Tux Rental Information

Four Tux Suppliers to Choose From

It doesn't matter how specific of a look you have in mind, we have what you are looking for. Specific colors or styles are no problem!

Affordable Pricing

Our tiered pricing structure can accommodate most budgets. Starting at $109 for a complete tux, we are able to find something for everyone.

Average tux price is around $155.

Expert Measuring and Precise Fitting

We have skilled employees that can make sure your tux is the perfect fit. Measurements usually take only about 5 minutes to get completed.

No Appointment Needed

Stop in any time and one of our skilled employees can make sure that you get the right fit. Have specific concerns? No problem! Just call ahead and we will make sure that we are able to accommodate any request.

Hassle Free Returns

While many stores require that the tuxes come back the next day, we only require that the tuxes come back by 5:00 PM the following Monday. Enjoy your special weekend!

Full Tuxes Or Individual Pieces Available

Need just shirts and vests? Or any other combination? We can make it happen! Pricing can be broken down to each individual piece.